Hailey Baldwin Hesitant to Launch Fashion Line Due to ‘Fatigue of Celebrity Beauty Brands’

The Rhode beauty founder gets candid on the real reason why she puts her plans for fashion line on hold despite already obtaining trademark for a moniker.

AceShowbizHailey Baldwin might never launch a fashion line. The Rhode beauty founder, 26, filed a trademark for Moodboard last year, but she might use the name for something else.

“I wanted to nail that down and have it on the back burner. It may never come to life. It may be for something else, who knows. I’d had that name in my mind for a long time,” she told Bloomberg Originals’ “The Circuit With Emily Chang“.

Despite the celebrity beauty market being oversaturated, Hailey – who is married to pop star Justin Bieber – insists Rhode offers something unique. She explained, “I do feel like people had a fatigue of celebrity beauty brands. I felt like when I announced the brand, of course there was people that were like, ‘Oh, here we go, here’s another one.’ And I’m like, ‘I get that. I understand.’ But this is my approach, and it is different.”

Hailey recently insisted the brand “exceeded” her “wildest expectations.” The model has had incredible success with her skincare line since launching the brand in the US last summer, and just launched it in the UK. She told The Sunday Times’ Style magazine, “Skincare is a real-life commitment for me. It’s my favourite thing I’ve ever done. It has exceeded my wildest expectations.”

Hailey – who has amassed 49.5 million Instagram followers – is known for her trademark look of dewy skin and glazed lips and even started the doughnut-glazed nail trend. Her tomboy chic signature style is popular amongst fans who aim to emulate her effortless look.

Rhode, Hailey’s middle name, was born in lockdown and aims to deliver customers a simple and affordable route to her iridescent and luminous glow. She added, “As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised how much more comfortable I feel with just fresh skin and brushed-up brows.”

Fascinated by medicine, the catwalk queen undertook a dermatology course at the beginning of her modelling career. She said, “I’m fascinated by the medical field. When I started modelling I used to walk around with a medical terminology book in my bag. I hated studying, so there was no way I was going to go to school for any of this. I didn’t graduate high school because I was home schooled and I dropped out [at age 18], which I don’t love.”

Hailey’s brand, which consists of only three items – a moisturiser, a lip treatment and a serum – stands out for being understated and affordable. She said, “Our philosophy is not to overwhelm the customer. We make one of everything and make sure it’s really good.”

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