‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star Sean Gunn marries actress Natasha Halevi

“Guardians of the Galaxy” star Sean Gunn is off the market.

Gunn, also known for playing Kirk on “Gilmore Girls,” wed actress Natasha Halevi earlier this summer on Southern California’s Catalina Island, with Sean’s brother and “Guardians” director James Gunn officiating the ceremony, People reported Monday.

The couple’s June 15 wedding was picnic-themed, with guests sitting on blankets during the ceremony.

Celebrity guests included Jennifer Holland, Jenna Fisher and Judy Greer. Gunn’s “Gilmore Girls” pals — creator Amy Sherman Palladino, exec Dan Palladino and co-star Keiko Agena — were also there to celebrate.

“We really wanted to break the wedding rules so everyone would have space to have fun and be themselves,” Halevi, 37, told People. “We started by giving a dress code of ‘1920s disco ball goes to the beach,’ which basically meant: be fun, be fabulous, be colorful, be shiny, be awesome. We wanted to get rid of the fear of outshining anyone — and our friends definitely brought it!”

Throughout the weekend, guests celebrated with drinks, yoga and ocean kayaking, according to People.

“Ultimately, encouraging our loved ones to be creative is what made it feel so joyful for us,” Sean, 45, said. “I try not to use the word ‘perfect’ too often, but damn if it wasn’t really close.”

Meanwhile, in March, it was announced that James Gunn was reinstated as director for “Guardians of the Galaxy 3,” after he was initially fired by Disney for his controversial past tweets about rape and pedophilia.

“I’m a better person than I was a year ago,” James told The Associated Press in May. “It’s made me more creative and focused on the things that really matter to me, which are my friends, my relationships and the movies that I’m making.”

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