Golfer Risks Life to Grab Golf Ball Off Live Gator, 'It's Gonna Whip You!'


A golfer in Florida risked his own life to retrieve a golf ball off a live alligator’s tail — and the video is wild!!

The man shooting the footage is Kyle Downes — who was golfing with his brother on Dec. 14 at the Coral Oaks Golf Course in Cape Coral, FL when they stumbled upon the MASSIVE gator.

Kyle’s brother noticed a golf ball resting on the tail and decided he was going to try and retrieve it … so naturally, Kyle whipped out his cell phone and hit record.

You can hear Kyle warn his brother, “It’s gonna whip you with that tail dude!!!”

But, his bro soldiered on … and successfully grabbed the ball as the gator charged into the water.

And, get this, the gator is sorta famous at the golf course — he’s a 10-footer named Charlie … apparently a local celebrity, according to NBC2.

Fortunately, no one was harmed — neither the human nor the animal — but don’t forget how dangerous these gators can be.

Just ask Chubbs!!!!

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