Gisele Bundchen Dishes On When She Plans To Retire Amidst Rumors She’s Ending Career

Gisele Bundchen is setting the record straight on those rumors she may be stepping away from the spotlight and retiring. Watch here to see what she had to say about it!

Even though Gisele Bundchen, 38, retired from the runway in 2015, her modeling career is far from over. “I think I’m the farthest I’ve ver been from retiring,” Gisele admitted during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Dec. 12. “I’ve never worked so hard in my life, actually. I think I’ll retire only the day I die. I love working, I love creating. I think that’s why we’re here — to keep creating and expanding and learning.” It’s long been speculated that Gisele may be throwing in the towel at some point, but clearly she’s far from it!

Of course, Gisele’s famous husband, Tom Brady, is also often the talk of retirement rumors. In the past, the model has admitted that she would prefer if her husband retired from football, but these days, it seems she’s conceded. “I think you should talk with him about that,” Gisele told Ellen. “I haven’t been very successful. I want him to do whatever makes him happy, but maybe if you have a conversation with him and explain that you love the [New Orleans] Saints…”

Still, Gisele revealed that she does still worry about the potential of injury when it comes to her husband’s football career. “I definitely wouldn’t want to have his job, that’s for sure,” she laughed. “I’ll stay happy with mine. I think it’s definitely something you get concerned with, but he loves it so much. You gotta let him do what he loves.”

Tom is often referred to the ‘GOAT’ (greatest of all time) when it comes to football, and even though he seems perfect, his wife admitted there is ONE thing he’s not the best at. “He’s terrible at…he’s not a multi taker!” she dished. “He can just do one thing at a time.” Everyone has to be bad at something, right?!

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