Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams opens up on coming of age moment

Maisie Williams opened up about the moment she felt she ‘really belonged’ with people.

The 23-year-old became a household name early in her teens, thanks to her epic stint as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones.

But, despite the huge part, the actress revealed it took her a while to feel ‘normal’ with those her own age.

Lifting the lift on the moment she felt like she ‘belonged’, she recalled times she would ‘party every week’.

‘So I moved out when I was really young and I was quite alone, but then by the time I turned 18, 19, everyone else had moved out and gone to uni,’ she said in a candid interview. ‘I got this group of friends who are still my friends now, and we would just go out all the time. 

‘I lived in Bath at the time and we would just party every week and go out. On the Sunday, we’d go for some brunch, then everyone would go back to work and then the next weekend we’d do it all over again.

‘It was the perfect summer and that was a time when finally, I felt I was doing something that other people were doing my age and I felt normal for the first time. 

‘I fitted somewhere and I guess, that was just a really amazing moment for me because I just, as we said, I’d always felt like I was outside looking in,’ she added to Glamour. ‘For the first time I was like, “Oh, I belong with these people,” and I felt like a normal person – I felt just like I was thriving, and it was excellent.’

Maisie kicked off her career at a very young age, starring in the fantasy series when she was just a teenager.

Following the end of the fantasy series, she has left the drama side behind and moved her way into comedy, starring in new Sky series, Two Weeks To Live.

Chatting about the new role, she explained she has finally ‘shaken off’ the responsibility which came with such a beloved show.

‘Yeah, I really have. I got so much joy out of the final season, and from the show in general,’ she told Radio Times. ‘I was really keen to make the most of every second of the final year, because I didn’t want to regret anything, or feel like I’d missed out on anything. 

‘For that reason, when we finished, I was really ready to say goodbye. 

‘By the end I was just happy that it was done.’ 

‘Playing an iconic character is such a pleasure,’ she added. ‘But it also comes with a real fear of never being able to play anything else ever again.’

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