Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Give Daughter Hilarious Nickname & Fans Are All For It — New Pic

These two are clearly playful parents! Dwyane and Gabrielle run an Instagram account for their daughter, and the captions couldn’t be funnier! You’ll never guess the nickname they gave Kaavia.

Kaavia James Union Wade may be less than a month old, but it’s already clear that she’s going to have a fabulous sense of humor! The little one has an Instagram account run by her parents Gabrielle Union, 46, and Dwyane Wade, 36, which has already gathered close to 300,000 followers — and rising. But it’s not just the cute pictures of the newborn that are drawing fans in, but the hilarious captions that go with them! The latest, for instance, really capitalizes on Gabrielle and Dwyane’s nickname for Kaavia. “Lemme stop you right there,” they wrote with a pic of the baby sleeping with one arm raised toward the camera. “Imma let you finish but… Finish the caption for #ShadyBaby.”

And finish the caption they did! Instagram users flooded the comments section with hilarious ways to end the sentence. “…but first let me catch this nap,” one wrote, while another added, “You got four seconds to back up before I start crying.” LOL! This isn’t the first time that the NBA player and actress have referred to their daughter as Shady Baby — or the first time that fans have played along. Thanks to Kaavia’s seemingly endless sassy expressions, there have been tons of meme-worthy moments posted to her account from sticking out her tongue to staring straight at the camera with a sassy look.

Kaavia could’t be cuter, and couldn’t look more like her dad! Even though she’s teeny tiny and brand new to the world, she’s already the spitting image of Dwyane.

It’s been so fun watching her sweet little self grow over the last few weeks — and this is only the beginning! Here’s to hoping Dwyane and Gabrielle are just as consistent in sharing their parenthood journey in the years to come as they have been so far.

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