Gabriel Iglesias had a $100k quinceanera for his chihuahua, ‘I’ve never had a kid’

I am not that familiar with comedian Gabriel Iglesias other than seeing maybe half of one of his comedy specials. His humor is just middling to me, but he’s very successful, he had a sitcom on Netflix that ran for three seasons, and he’s rich as hell. He’s so rich he just threw a six figure quinceanera for one of his dogs, his first girl dog, a chihuahua named Risa. Iglesias explained to Today that while Risa is either 16 or 17 he wanted to celebrate her and go all out. He doesn’t have kids so he figured he may as well honor her. The celebration had 300 guest, about 12 other dogs and featured three custom made gowns for Risa. Gabriel aka Fluffy, wheeled Risa out to guests in a lit up baby carriage! Food included bacon-wrapped hot dogs, corn on the cob and a puppuccino station. Entertainment included a build-a-bear type station, a violinist, DJ and band. Best party ever.

When Gabriel Iglesias saw a video of a guy throwing his dog a quinceañera, his first thought was, “No way he loves his dog more than I love my dog. Challenge accepted.”

And that’s when he decided to throw a lavish and over-the-top party for his 4-pound pup, Risa. The comedian recently shared video of the Nov. 12 celebration he threw for his “princess” on his social media — and it truly was a sight to see.

“I’ve had dogs since I was a kid and Risa was the only girl dog I’ve ever had,” Iglesias tells on Dec. 8. “Since I’ve had her, from day one, she’s always been in my hoodie. She’s always been in my jacket. We’re very close.”

“So I said, ‘Alright, I’m gonna do this once. I’ve never had a daughter, I’ve never had a kid of my own, so I’m gonna go full blown on this one,’” he says. “And I did.”

Iglesias opted for a quinceañera-style celebration for his beloved dog. He also has an 11-year-old male chihuahua named Vinnie. And while a quince is typically thrown for a young woman when she turns 15, much like Sweet 16, Risa is “between 16 and 17” years old.

The “Mr. Iglesias” star had over 300 guests, with people encouraged to bring their small dogs to the celebration. He believes there were about 12 other dogs in attendance…

“I went full blown and people say, ‘Oh, you wasted money,’ but it’s like, no,” Iglesias says. “I’m celebrating something that means the world to me.”

[From Today via People]

When I read this story on People’s website my first question was whether guests could bring their dogs and it seems like the answer was “yes,” as long as they played well with the other little dogs. I have no problem with someone throwing a big party for their dog! Yes it’s a waste of money but so are parties in general. Weddings regularly cost this much and they have a 50% failure rate while dogs are 100% loyal. What better reason to throw a party than to celebrate a sweet loyal companion? My only complaint is that there aren’t more photos and videos. I would attend a dog party over a wedding any day. I’ve been going to the dog park with my six-month-old puppy and I love meeting the other dog owners. They love talking about their dogs and I have met so many great people through my dog. Dogs bring us so much joy and unconditional love. I might not have thought much about Fluffy before but he just went up in my book.

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