French Montana Reacts to Young Thug Threatening to Post Clip of Him Getting Knocked Out

As the ‘Unforgettable’ star and his fellow rapper exchange insults on social media, the latter claims at one point that he will call Meek Mill to have him send a video of French getting knocked out.

AceShowbizFrench Montana claiming he has more hits than Kendrick Lamar has ignited a beef between him and Young Thug. It got so bad to the point where the latter threatened to expose a video of the “Unforgettable” hitmaker getting “knocked out.”

It all started after Thug weighed in on French’s bold comments. “Stupid ass n**** say he got more hits than Kendrick Lamar,” he said in a video shared on his social media account, before calling the “Writing on the Walls” rapper a “fool.” From there, Thug and French exchanged insults, and at one point, the former said that he’d call Meek Mill to have him send a video of French getting “knocked up.”

Not one to wave the white flag, French responded in a video of him going shirtless, “I’mma film the video like this, this is how you like it,” seemingly referring to Thug’s long-running gay rumors. Following a bunch of insults, he continued, “What are you talkin’ about, my n***a? If Meek got a footage like that, tell him to show you. I’ll give him a million dollars.”

He continued, “Does it look like I got beat up? Does it look like a n***a laid hands on me? I’ve been in the game for 20 years p***y n***a. You f***ing crazy, n***a. You’re goin broke.”

In another video, French promised to give his friend a million dollars if he finds the footage of him getting beaten up. He later mocked Thug once again, “You don’t got more money than me. You know, I’ve been in the game for too long.” He continued, “I know you’re mad, leave me alone, Thug,” before threatening to “expose” him.

Not stopping there, French then followed it up with a post that showed a man who appeared to be Thug posing sexily. “This is not u neither? THIS S**T CRAY CRAY #moreinfluential #thatsafact PUT THAT BREAD UP AND BRING YOUR BEST 20 songs,” so he wrote in the caption of the post.

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