‘F***ing hell’ Roman Kemp recalls swearing at Prince William the first time they met

Kate Middleton and Prince William attend royal garden party

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Roman Kemp has recalled how he swore in front of Prince William the first time they met. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the Capital FM DJ, 29, spoke about his first time meeting The Duke of Cambridge and how he massively broke royal protocol. It comes as the star is currently partnered with The National Lottery which has granted £22 million to communities to fund the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

He just laughed!

Roman Kemp

Express.co.uk asked Roman if he had ever met any of the royals as he prepared for his BBC hosting job for the The Platinum Party at the Palace on June 4.

He said: “I have been very lucky to meet William, Harry and Kate and I am not just saying it, but they’re really nice.

“And I’ve appreciated all the work they’ve done around mental health and I have always been very aware and happy for the work they do.

“I will never forget the first time I met Prince William, I was doing a mental health talk with him and I was given a whole protocol to follow,” he added.

The star went on: “They were saying to me ‘Learn your highness, how to curtsey’ as well as telling us where to stand.

“You know it was a very regal chat and I was just worrying, am I supposed to bow?

Roman continued: “I just remember a football match being on in the corner and it had just finished.

“It was a bit of a crazy game and Prince William just looked over and then he came walking over to say hello.

“Everything the person had said to me had gone out the window and the first word I said to our future king was ‘F***ing hell mate, that was mad!’

“He just laughed! I remember panicking, ‘does he think I was swearing at him?’ Roman said.

He explained: “After that protocol went out the window we didn’t go back on it. I couldn’t go back on it and stop calling him mate? Do you know what I mean?”

Roman is an ambassador for The National Lottery, which has granted £22million of its funds to community-led organisations in the last six months, to give them a chance of celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in style.

Roman has visited the charity Age Well East with the National Lottery recently to see the work they had been doing.

The charity aims to empower people in their later years as they live out their retirement.

The star attended to see first hand how the charity was using the money to enjoy the pivotal week celebration.

“It was such a lovely afternoon heading over to Age Well East,” he said.

“These people have been given a social life again. It ties into everything I have stood for so far in terms of mental health about keeping conversations going and making sure coming out of the pandemic that we’re able to express ourselves.”

He continued: “It was great being able to meet some of the women there, who tried teaching me how to knit but sadly, my knitting career lasted about 7 seconds.

“All the women there are widows after losing their husbands. They didn’t know how to live their lives or look after their money; it’s debilitating to be left in that situation and to be placed into lockdown with no prior warning.

“It was great to be there and see that Age Well East is being supported by the National Lottery and ahead of the Jubilee weekend seeing all of the events they’re putting on for everyone to make us feel like we’re a part of something special,” Roman added.

Roman Kemp attends Age Well East to learn how the project is celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee thanks to The National Lottery’s Platinum Jubilee Fund. Visit here to see how others are celebrating

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