Fans Baffled After Seeing ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Angela Stuffing Her Bra With Cigs Packs

Besides the two packs of cigarettes, the blonde reality TV star appears to be carrying a lighter and a phone in her bra, further making a lot of people baffled.

AceShowbiz -Following the Sunday, August 16 episode of “90 Day Fiance“, Angela has become a hot topic among fans of the show, but it’s not because of her storyline with Michael. Instead, many people were baffled after seeing all the stuff that the reality TV star toted in her bra.

During the episode, Angela was seen complaining about her relationship troubles to the cameramen. However, people could not help but focus their attention on the things inside her bra, including two packs of cigarettes and what appeared to be a lighter and a phone. Seeing this, many were baffled and were quick to troll the star over it.

“Angela carries more stuff in her bra than a student on their first day of school carries in their backpack,” one person said. “I see Angela gave up on her purse and went back to putting everything in her bra,” another wrote, as an individual commented, “i love angela’s cigarette bra – a pack in each cup.”

A number of people even begged others to help Angela buy a purse so that she would not have to pack her stuff in her bra again. “Omg. Angela has everything in that bra, including Michael’s balls. Also, why does she have TWO packs of cigs? Someone please buy this lady a purse,” a baffled online user said. “Hey Angela! This is called a PURSE. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors! I myself, LOVE them. You can fit a CARTON of cigarettes in this one!” someone else sarcastically suggested.

Her bra aside, Angela and Michael faced another trouble in their relationship as the latter’s mother did not approve of them together. As his mother made it clear that Angela needed to be submissive to Michael before they got married, Angela was not having it and left the mother-and-son duo by themselves. “I’m sorry she has to kiss her husband’s a**. I’m not,” Angela said.

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