Emily Atack opens up on ‘dating younger men’ admitting ’40 year olds scare me’

Emily Atack has opened up on her love life and admits she prefers to date younger men rather than 40 year olds who 'scare' her.

Chatting on her podcast Soaking Up Life With…. on Wednesday, 2 August, with comedian Ellie Taylor, Emily, 33, confessed to having flings with toy boys.

The actress admitted: 'I've been dating guys in their 20s and it's not getting me anywhere.”

Ellie then spoke about her husband who is 10 years older than she is, joking Emily should "go for a nice 40-year-old".

Emily responded: "40-year-olds scare me." She added: "How is it, when we are talking about men and they are 28, 33, 'yeah but, they're still young'. No they are not, they are fully grown men!"

The Inbetweeners star has previously spoken out about her love life, even revealing details about a raunchy threesome with a married couple.

Speaking in 2020, Emily revealed the rendezvous started after she hooked with up a man she met in a pub.

Emily then explained how he had told her he was married and later told of how his wife wanted to meet Emily, too.

She revealed: “After a bit of flirting and texting, he announces that he’s married but it’s OK because he and his wife have an open relationship and she wants to meet me.

“Now to some people that would be a red flag but I’m like a bull — red flags drive me wild. It was all fun… for a bit until they both started falling in love with me.”

Emily then revealed how she gave the couple some frank advice about their marriage.

She explained: “I sat them down and said, ‘Guys, you have some issues you need to work out and s****ing me is not the answer. I think you just need to talk to each other’.”

Speaking on The Emily Atack show, according to The Sun Online, she added: “You think breaking up with one person is awkward, try breaking up with two.”

Away from her love life, Emily is currently filming a brand new Disney show called Rivals, starring David Tennant, Aidan Turner and Danny Dyer.

The programme is an adaptation of a raunchy novel from Jilly Cooper. Published in 1988 and one of 10 novels from Cooper’s Rutshire Chronicles series, Rivals will be adapted into an eight-part series of the same name.

The story of revolves around the rivalry between Rupert Campbell-Black (played by Alex Hassell) and Lord Tony Baddingham (played by David Tennant).

Set in the fictional English county of Rutshire, the pair have a legendary rivalry that seeps into the world of the Corinium television station.

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