Ed Sheeran Reportedly Marries GF Cherry Seaborn In Secret Ceremony – Was Taylor Swift There?

Psst…Ed Sheeran may be a married man! The singer reportedly got hitched to Cherry Seaborn in a private ceremony in Dec. and we’ve got the details on who witnessed the couple’s life-long commitment to each other.

Ed Sheeran, 28, is officially married to Cherry Seaborn, 26, according to The Sun. The “Photograph” singer and his bride reportedly had a top secret ceremony at his country estate in Suffolk, England, in Dec., just before Christmas, and they wanted things to be so private that they didn’t even invite their celebrity pals! Ed was initially trying to build a wedding chapel at the site but when his plans were rejected, he decided to go on with the wedding anyway, the outlet reports.

“Ed got married a few days before Christmas,” a source told The Sun. “It was very quiet – just Ed’s oldest school pals, limited family and the priest. There were only 40 people – so no Taylor Swift, record company executives or any royals or pop star pals. He wanted no fuss and he wanted it to be something entirely for them – just a tiny winter wedding.”

Ed’s been very sly about his wedding plans ever since announcing his engagement to Cherry in Jan. 2018. In Aug., we reported that the couple may have already been married after Ed gave a very interesting interview in which he seemed to confirm the marriage by showing off what was believed to be his wedding ring (which is now believed to have only been an engagement ring) when asked when the wedding was going to be. A few months earlier, in Mar., Ed talked to an Australian radio station about the ring and explained why he was wearing it. “We were both kind of wearing rings,” he said. “It also means that nobody will know when we have got married.”

If anyone is a master at secrets, it’s Ed, so we aren’t surprised he would try to steer attention away from the real ceremony by insinuating it already happened! “It’s amazing that he’s the biggest pop star in the world but he was just able to quietly slide off and wed,” the source continued. “Neither of them were that fussed about making a big deal about it. Cherry just wanted to get it out of the way without any problems or intrusions.”

Although the lovebirds already made things official, the celebrations aren’t over quite yet. The newlyweds plan on having another wedding for the friends who couldn’t attend the first one. “Ed and Cherry are planning a festival-style party for a wider list to happen at the end of the summer,” the source explained to the outlet. “That will be all singing and dancing, and they’ll be able to invite Taylor and their record company colleagues and royal friends.”

We have reached out to Ed’s rep for comment but have yet to receive a response.

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