EastEnders drops hint Sharon could be pregnant as she asks after Keanu

Sharon has been begging Phil to find out where Keanu is and whether he is actually alive , but it seems she might have an ulterior motive according to fans.

The Mitchell matriarch has become increasingly worried about Keanu, after she got Phil to ship her young lover off to Spain to prevent any more temptation.

But the latest clip from EastEnders drops a big hint that cougar Sharon could be desperate to find her bit on the side because fans are speculating she is pregnant.

As Phil questions why Sharon is "acting like a teenager" Sharon mysteriously adds "It’s not just Louise…" before his daughter wanders in and drops her own baby bombshell on her unsuspecting dad.

The sneak peek ahead of Thursday’s episode was captioned "I’m pregnant", with Sharon and Phil in a tense discussion about what has happened to Keanu.

Sharon says: "Look I didn’t mean to do your head in, but you can understand…"

"I can understand why Louise is acting like a teenager, but I don’t know what has got into you lately," Phil responds.

"It’s not just Louise… I’d feel the same about Denny. Oh come on Karen deserves to know," pleads Sharon.

Louise then appears and announces to her dad that she needs him to find Keanu and get him to come back home because she’s pregnant.

"He needs to come home, he needs to know, I owe him that much… I’m pregnant."

Sharon doesn’t look too happy to hear that her secret lover could have knocked up his girlfriend.

One viewer said: "I am guessing Sharon is pregnant too."

Another responded: "I am guessing Lou is not at all but saying it to get the information. But I wonder if the step mother is. Typical bait and switch."

Karen had pressured Sharon into finding more information about her son and when she failed to get anything from Phil, she makes another call.

Later in the week, a worried Karen continues to pressure Sharon, who continues to fail getting anything out of her husband.

Sharon resorts to desperate measures as she gets Louise to ask Phil about Keanu.

But nothing could prepare her for what Louise telling her that she is pregnant.

Phil is infuriated by the admission and things begin to escalate as Karen turns up.

Initially, Karen assumes that the secret affair between Keanu and Sharon is out but quickly clocks on to what has happened.

Things go from bad to worse when Phil later receives a message with a picture of Keanu beaten up.

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