Eamonn Holmes aims swipe at former ITV colleagues after exit ‘Don’t have to be good in TV’

Starmer ‘is a wooden dullard’ says Eamonn Holmes

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Eamonn Holmes, 62, gave a candid interview last week in which the GB News breakfast show host aimed a swipe at his former colleagues on ITV. When asked what the “worst” thing about leaving ITV’s This Morning was, Eamonn answered that he felt his “reputation” had been damaged.

The 62-year-old also blamed “someone in authority” who he claimed didn’t like him.

He also claimed this person had an “agenda” against him.

Eamonn left This Morning in December 2021 after hosting for 15 years alongside his wife Ruth Langsford.

In the interview, he went on to slam his former ITV colleagues by saying they weren’t necessarily “good” at their jobs and that “you just have to have someone in authority that likes you”.

He hasn’t let the career move affect his “confidence”.

The broadcaster said: “I left This Morning with my reputation damaged, but my confidence didn’t suffer.

“I won’t have propaganda and lies said against me, you know – ‘Oh, Eamonn’s got old, Eamonn’s male, pale and stale.’

“One person in authority didn’t like me and had an agenda, and that was it.

“You don’t have to be any good in TV, you just have to have someone in authority that likes you – and I had someone in authority who didn’t like me” (sic).

Eamonn also spoke about his feud with Anthea Turner in the nineties.

“I was on the front pages of the papers because of a falling-out I had with Anthea Turner – I called her ‘Princess Tippy Toes.’” Eamonn confessed.

“It’s laughable now, but at the time it was deadly serious for both of us.

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“It could have cost both of us our jobs, but the station probably secretly relished the publicity,” he told The Telegraph.

The Breakfast With Eamonn And Isabel host added that the feud was over very quickly and they are now good friends.

Last week, Eamonn also hit out at Keir Starmer, calling him a “dullard” who can’t relate to working class people.

However, his co-star Isabel had the opinion that politicians should focus on policies rather than entertaining the public.

He had some rather insulting things to say about Starmer: “You know the main thing that stands out about Keir Starmer now, he doesn’t look like a leader.

“He’s not charismatic.

He added: “He’s wooden. He’s a dullard.”

When Isabel argued that “it doesn’t matter,” Eamonn replied:” You can’t say Bill Clinton was a dullard or Barack Obama was or Tony Blair was.”

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