Duchess Kate in green boucle Eponine in London: super-cute & bright?

This is Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK, and the Duchess of Cambridge arranged for two events today at elementary schools. The first stop was to a North London school, Lavender Primary School. Kate decided to actually wear a bright, cheerful colorful while visiting children, which is a shock! Perhaps she’s continuing to subtweet her sister-in-law’s fashion choices – the more Meghan wears new, expensive couture, the more Kate repeats, and the more Meghan wears neutrals and dark, almost neo-goth looks, the more Kate wears bright colors.

Kate’s look today was Eponine and it was not a repeat from what I see. The Daily Mail isn’t calling a repeat, and I don’t remember her ever wearing this before, although it does have a familiar vibe. I enjoy the fact that the boucle dress isn’t smothered in buttons, and I also like how she styled this, with almost a mod touch. The black tights and the black high-heeled booties are great with the dress. This look is…shockingly cute from Kate. It also passes the “not too young and not too old” test. She looks like a pretty 30-something school teacher.

I’m not sure if everyone caught this, but over the weekend, People Magazine published a piece called “How Kate Middleton Is Turning Her Own ‘Struggle’ as a Mom into a Defining Mission.” The article featured quotes from the CEO of Family Action (“a member of her steering group”) and unnamed sources from the Royal Foundation. The point of the piece is that Kate is keen to “do something really significant over multiple decades. This is something potentially for her working lifetime.” Which is just a reminder that Kate still hasn’t launched her big mental health initiative. Remember that? That was all these “royal sources” could talk about for months last year. There were even people saying that Kate was mad that Meghan was stealing her thunder because Kate wanted to do her big launch late last year. People, we got keen-baited. She’s never going to launch that big initiative.

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