Drake Bell Is Now A Mexican Pop Star By The Name Of Drake Campana!

2020 has brought us many changes: a new way of life, a new president, and now a new Drake Bell… or should we say Drake Campana?

Yes, Perezcious readers, social media discovered what might be the rebrand of the century on Thursday when users stumbled on the Nickelodeon alum’s pages to see that it looked a bit different — and by different, we mean Spanglish.

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Some obvious changes in his Twitter profile (below) show the name change to Drake Campana (which means “Bell” in Spanish, btw), the Mexican flag, and just to make things extra racist, his bio now reads:

“CEO of @tacobell”


And he’s not just changing his profile, either — the 34-year-old is now writing songs exclusively in Spanish and even posting on social media in Spanish, too!


A post shared by Drake Campana (@drakebell)

While these at first glance might look like the symptoms of dissociative identity disorder, it appears Seńor Campana has purposefully rebranded himself as a Mexican artist because, well, he’s apparently much more popular there!

Naturally, Twitter users were shocked by Drake’s new identity. Users wrote:

“Drake Bell changing his name to Drake Campana and only making music in Spanish and tweeting only in Spanish is maybe the weirdest thing to happen this year”

“Drake Bell is mexican now? Yeah we on one f**ked up ass timeline folks”

“didn’t expect the drake bell rachel dolezal arc this year ngl”

“did not have drake bell changing his name to drake campana and moving to mexico to make spanish pop music on my 2020 bingo card”

Meanwhile, others theorized that the reason behind Drake’s big move was because he was recently accused of physical abuse and sleeping with underage girls by an ex-girlfriend:

“drake bell dead ass changed his name to drake campana and makes spanish music now and moved to mexico because everyone in the US found out he abused his girlfriend”

“Drake Bell really got exposed as an abuser then packed it up and fled to Mexico and started a music career over there and only posts in Spanish now. What in the Lifetime?”

“Just found out Drake Bell was outed as an abuser, changed his name to Drake Campana, fled to Mexico, and started a new life as a Spanish pop artist who exclusively sings and writes songs in Spanish. Literally nothing could have prepared me for this information”

Whatever the reason, Mr. Campana is definitely committing to this new role:

What do U think about this rebrand, Perezcious readers?

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