‘Don’t want to ruin his image’ Rob Rinder exposes Piers Morgan’s behind scenes behaviour

Piers Morgan reacts to Netflix cancelling Meghan's series

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Piers Morgan’s “behind the scenes” behaviour has been exposed by Good Morning Britain guest host, Rob Rinder. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the legal expert, 43, spoke about the star’s new TalkTV show Uncensored, as well as revealing what the outspoken presenter’s really like when the cameras stop rolling

They’re often the kindest of people behind the scenes. And he definitely is

Rob Rinder

When asked if he’d be tuning into Uncensored, the legal expert told how he thinks “everybody” should be watching the show.

Rob said: “What it does in a really critical way is model the ability to listen and hear an idea that you don’t like and your identity not to be attacked, and to come in and tune in next day and then see whether you agree with him.

“It gives you the emotional and intellectual muscle to learn better how to argue without falling out.

“And if you think about how polarised we are nowadays, strikes me that’s an important thing to do,” he added.

Rob went on: “So like him or loathe him, of course, I’ll be tuning into Piers and everybody should too.”

The star went on to speak about Piers’ long-lasting, international career, before revealing why it is that he thinks the star has been an enduring presence on TV.

He explained: “There’s a reason why, it’s really interesting, if you think how long he’s been in the media here and in America, too.

“But when you think about it, somebody like that with those strong opinions, which would have been a story that would have eviscerated him in some way.

Rob went on: “But the reason it hasn’t is because, say, if you really needed him, [he’s] that sort of friend, you will have nothing but good things to say about him.

“And I don’t want to ruin his image, you know, or, you know, s**t on his fireworks.

“But I’m sorry to tell everybody that as is often the case with people with the strongest opinions and flavours in the world.

“They’re often the kindest of people behind the scenes. And he definitely is,” he added.

Elsewhere during the interview, Rob told how he wasn’t trying to copy Piers’ presenting style on GMB.

He said: “I’m not consciously thinking about trying to be a Piers, I’m trying to sort of consciously determine how we can be our authentic selves with each other in our way.

“If I went on trying to be Piers, it wouldn’t go well!” he exclaimed.

Rob went on: “Or if he came on Judge Rinder trying to be me, you know, we have different approaches, but the same kind of fundamental principles, which is holding power to account.

“And often Piers and I will agree, sometimes we’ll disagree.

The Judge Rinder star also spoke about his work with Patient Claim Line to investigate what happens when a medical negligence claim is made against the NHS and how it can improve processes for other patients.

Speaking about the process of making a claim, Rob said: “It’s about our shared provider, making sure and ensuring that it delivers best practice.

“And when it falls dangerously short, not just ensuring the NHS is held to account, but that the individual is properly remunerated for their injury to be sure, but also to protect, to serve and to defend the NHS to make sure it keeps its standards up.”

You can contact Patient Claim Line here.

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