Dennis Quaid Gets Incredibly Candid On Divorce, Drugs … and Having Sex Where?!

The actor also reveals two huge movie roles he really regrets missing out on.

Dennis Quaid is certainly a very honest interview subject.

In a new conversation with The Sunday Times, the 64-year-old actor was an open book about a few subjects most stars would shy away from revisiting — including his famous exes, nasty cocaine habit, and the most unusual place he’s ever gotten intimate with a lady friend.

Of his most famous split — the one from Meg Ryan in 2000 amid reports of an affair with Russell Crowe — Quaid recalled getting a phone call from an unlikely source when it made the news.

"[Bill Clinton] was the smartest guy I’d ever met and very kind to me," Quaid explained. "When it was announced that Meg and I were getting a divorce, he called me from Air Force One. He was over the Atlantic right after Palestinian talks had collapsed. I don’t know how he found me, but he did. He just wanted to let me know he was thinking of me."

While the split was just a little bit messy, the actor said he and Ryan "are friends" now.

These days, he’s dating a 32-year-old model, Santa Auzina. "I met [Santa] very close after my ex and I were separated," he said, referring to his split from third wife, Kimberly Buffington. "I was just going to be single and that was just going to be it when it came to love — and then Santa came along."

"It’s fun to be single up to a point, but I like being in a relationship, I really do," he continued, adding that while he’s not "planning" to add to his brood, he’s not ruling kids out completely.

As talk of his love life continued, Quaid also revealed that the most unusual place he ever had sex was in an elevator … but it wasn’t exactly all that risky. "It was a slow elevator. It was in Quebec. It must be the French influence. It was the elevator going to my own apartment, so it wasn’t like a public building," he explained. "I knew the other floors were currently unoccupied and no one was coming in — but she didn’t."

He also noted that the tryst took place "not too long" ago.

Looking back at the ’80s and ’90s, the "Dog’s Purpose" star also expressed some regret over his drug habit and a few roles he foolishly walked away from.

"I turned down ‘Big.’ I hit myself over that," he said, referring to the Tom Hanks blockbuster. "At the time, there were three other movies with a similar storyline and ‘Big’ was going to be second, but it wasn’t. I should have taken ‘Big.’"

Quaid explained that he also missed booking Richard Gere’s role in "An Officer and a Gentleman" because he was on a trip with his then-wife PJ Soles during casting.

"We were literally halfway round, in New Delhi, when my agent called and said, ‘The part is yours. You just have to come back,’" he told the publication. "We cut short the vacation. We flew back to LA and they [must have] decided while I was en route they wanted Richard Gere."

Of his drug use, Quaid also said that he really liked cocaine. "I liked it to go out. I missed it for quite a while. I was doing about two grams a day," he said. "I was lucky. I had one of those white-light experiences where I saw myself being dead and losing everything I had worked for my whole life. So I put myself in rehab."

Check out the full interview with Quaid over at The Sunday Times.

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