Demi Rose Flaunts Curves And Set Pulses Racing In Sexy Christmas Outfit

Sexy British Instagram model Demi Rose took to Instagram to wish her 8 million followers a Merry Christmas. No doubt their holidays got even happier when they caught a glimpse of her dressed up as the year’s hottest Santa in an outfit that showed off her perfect hourglass figure.

In the pose, Rose sat atop a bed beside a dog. She looked back at the camera over her shoulder, which showed off her perfectly rounded backside along with her luscious lips, which were painted crimson. The perfect lip color inspired fans to ask what it was, but so far, the model hasn’t responded. Rose wore a shiny red form-fitting Santa style jumpsuit with a fur-lined hood, which she had pulled up on her head, and she peeked out from behind it.

The model’s brunette locks flowed over her shoulder in soft curls and furry cuffs wrapped around her wrists. The diffused light from a bedside lamp glinted off the shiny outfit showing all the peaks and valleys her curves created.

Along with her holiday wishes, she also hoped her followers experienced a day filled to the brim with love. In just a few hours, more than 188,337 fans “liked” her post, and more than 1,000 replied with a message for the sexy Santa.

One replied, “Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for the wishes.” Other fans wanted to know the details on the festive outfit Rose sported in the pic. “Where did you get that outfit?” Another asked Rose’s followers, “Anyone know where she got this outfit?”

Although she could not look any nicer, one follower teased, “You’re on the naughty list for sure.”

Rose’s Instagram story indicated that she spent the day with her dog and her “baby” @themartinezbros. On his Instagram post, Rose wrote, “No, thank you. Love you baby.” Rose and DJ Chris Martinez are dating, and he sported a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet in the photo.

Also on her story, the model shared a picture of her holiday plate, and it was filled to the brim with Brussel sprouts, meat, mac and cheese, carrots, and an assortment of other delicious sides. Today, the model, who sports seriously dangerous curves, did not feature any workout routines like she often does for her followers. Most likely, tomorrow or in a few days, she’ll be back at it with her workouts after enjoying her Christmas holiday.

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