Death In Paradise’s Sara Martins addresses ‘tough’ time on show ahead of Camille return

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Death In Paradise star Sara Martins, 43, left the show in 2015 to take on new challenges, but will reprise her role as Camille Bordey for the show’s season 10. Speaking after her exit, she revealed what she found tough about filming for the drama in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

On what she wouldn’t miss about the show following her departure, she said: “Those 12-hour days, and then having to go home afterwards and learn lines in English!

“Sometimes, being away from home can be tough too. And also I won’t miss the sound of the cockerels!”

At the time, the Camille star went on to say her decision to leave the show was “tremendously hard”.

She explained to What’s On TV: “I’ve loved everything about the show. But the only way to grow in life is to take risks, even if it means losing something you love, or leaving a place that’s comfortable.

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“You should always go forward and take new challenges. The unknown is so seducing, although it’s scary!”

The door was left open for her to return following her exit storyline, which saw her share a kiss with Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) just before she left the island of Saint Marie and sailed off to Paris.

During her time on the show, she broke her Achilles tendon after a stunt when wrong during filming.

Due to the extent of the injury, Sara had to take two weeks off to have surgery and recover in London.

Explaining what happened at the time, she told BBC: “I was performing a scene where Fidel (played by Gary Carr) was going to run and jump on to a boat.

“I was saying to the director I really wanted to do it too.

“Gary and I started running and I managed to slip and break my Achilles tendon!”

While on her break, producers were forced to find a replacement and re-write some of the script.


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Danny John-Jules, who played Dwayne Myers, said: “Another actress had to learn the part on the plane on the way over.”

“They had to rewrite a whole episode,” he continued in a live Q&A with EM-Com last year.

Sara’s character Camille will be back for a two-episode arc in the latest season to mark its 10th anniversary.

Discussing her return, she said: “There are some characters that never leave you and I’m still Camille, wherever I go.

“After many years, people still reference and send their love to me as Camille, so it was obvious that I had to go back and the 10th anniversary is the perfect opportunity!

“I want to celebrate the longevity of Death in Paradise. It was life changing for me and I’m so grateful to the show.

“I feel like I’m going back home with new folks and old, to bring more fun and joy. I’m really happy to wear Camille’s ‘twinkly-ness’ again.”

The BBC previously revealed Camille will be back on the island after news arrives stating her mother Catherine Bordey (Élizabeth Bourgine) is in serious danger.

She isn’t the only cast member who will be reprising her role in the new series.

Josephine Jobert will be returning as Florence Cassell, two years after her exit.

Ben Miller will also be making a cameo as Richard Poole, despite his character previously being killed off.

Death In Paradise returns tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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