Davina McCall was ‘traumatised’ after being forced to fly alone aged three

Davina McCall on dealing with her father's death

Big Brother presenter Davina McCall has detailed the time in her chaotic childhood when she was “traumatised” after being forced to fly on a plane unattended when she was just three years old.

The 55-year-old explained that she lived with her grandparents in Surrey but would fly to see her French mother, Florence Kock, in Paris.

However, her mother would often forget to pick her up from the airport, leaving the toddler waiting alone.

Davina told The Sunday Times: “The first trip I remember was very traumatic. I was three or four and too scared to ask for help. I wet myself on the flight.  

“My mother would often forget to pick me up at the airport and I’d be waiting and waiting before somebody would call to remind her.  

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“That was our normal… Mum would flit in and out; she was absolutely bonkers, with no boundaries.”

The Masked Singer judge added that her mother would take her on ski trips to Switzerland, but she would be “forgotten about at ski school”.

Florence died in 2008 and Davina decided not to go to her funeral, admitting she felt “relieved”.

However, she did forgive her for the years of abandonment.

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She said in 2012: “When she died I felt a sense of relief that I could stop swinging from side to side. And I also think, ‘Please God, when I die, don’t let it be a relief to anybody’.

“I imagined her in the hospital bed, and I imagined these shoots of light going from my palms, all over, across the world, to South Africa, to the hospital where she was at, and going straight into her heart.

“All I kept saying was, ‘I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you’.”

Davina went on to have three children of her own with her ex-husband Matthew Robertson. They are Holly, 21, Tilly, 19, and Chester, 16. 

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