Davie Rickenbacker: 5 Things To Know About The Sneaky ‘Survivor’ Finalist

After making several big moves to benefit himself AND others on this season of ‘Survivor: David vs. Goliath,’ Davie Rickenbacker has found himself in the final six. Here’s more to know about him!

Davie Rickenbacker is one of six contestants still in the running to win Survivor: David vs. Goliath during the Dec. 19 finale. Although Davie started the game out as an under-the-radar player, he established himself at the merge, and shocked viewers when he used his own hidden immunity idol to save his ally, Christian Hubicki, who would have been voted out if it hadn’t been for that protection. Since then, Davie has been at the forefront of some of the biggest moves in the game. As the series winds down, he’s up against Alison Raybould, Kara Kay, Angelina Keeley, Mike White and Nick Wilson for the $1 million prize. Check out five facts here:

1. He’s a ‘social media guru.’ Davie admittedly prides himself on his successful social media accounts, and said that his friends refer to him as the “social media guru.” “I’ve always prided myself on my social media presence via various platforms,” he told CBS. “I wear my pages on my sleeve so to say that anything a person wants to know about me they can find on my accounts.” In addition to posting ‘entertaining’ content, Davie also knows the tricks of the trade to getting the most “likes” and women to slide into his DMs, he claims.

2. He’s turned his passion for social media into a job. Considering Davie is so active on social media on his own time, it was only fitting that he turn it into a career. He works as a Health Communications Specialist at the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health in Atlanta, but refers to his job as ‘Social Media Manager’ for short.

3. He’s super outdoorsy. Davie’s favorite hobbies are swimming, hiking, biking, fishing..and “basically any outdoor activity,” he revealed. Even before coming on Survivor, he prided himself as a “skilled fisherman,” which obviously came in handy on the show.

4. He’s passionate about his dogs. Davie is a Siberian husky breeder, and said his dogs were one of his motivations for auditioning for Survivor. “Recently, my beta wolf Luna Moon was hit by a car,” he explained. “We thought she was dead but we were able to save her. However, not without me being in debt. With my winnings, I would create an insurance company for pet owners so that when things like this happen to us, we won’t be faced with the hardest decision of our lives (putting a pet down).”

5. He has musical talents. In addition to his love of the outdoors, Davie also plays harmonica, which he says helps him relax and de-stress.

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