Danielle Staub Alleges Marty Caffrey ‘Mocked’ & Physically Abused Her In New Explosive Divorce Docs

Danielle Staub has made shocking allegations of physical and verbal abuse by estranged hubby Marty Caffrey in her divorce counter-claim. We’ve got the  details as well as Marty’s response.

**UPDATE** Mary has told Page Six “I never put a hand on her.” Scroll down for more of his response to Danielle’s claims.

Danielle Staub has responded to estranged husband Marty Caffrey‘s September divorce filing with a shocking counterclaim. He pulled the plug on their marriage just four months after their Caribbean wedding and now the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is claiming that he was verbally and physically abusive not only to her, but also verbally attacked her daughters Jillian, 20, and Christine, 24. Page Six reports on Dec. 21 that her counterclaim details “extreme cruelty,” including “repeatedly video and audio recording [her] without her knowledge during sex,” saying: “Plaintiff exercised control by threatening to expose it to the public unless the defendant did exactly what the plaintiff asked.”

The site reports that the documents also claim Marty “repeatedly mocked and harassed [Staub] for being sexually abused by her father as a child” and that he would bring up the sensitive topic in front of others just to humiliate her. “Plaintiff referred to Defendant’s relationship with her daughters as ‘a lesbian affair,’ purposefully to hurt Defendant by referencing incest and embarrass her about her childhood abuse,” she further alleges according to Page Six. “Plaintiff utilized disparaging, offensive, and threatening language toward Defendant’s children, specifically telling them to ‘leave [his] house’ and ‘get the f–k out and don’t come back.’”

The site also reports that Danielle has claimed that he tried to embarrass her in front of all of the guests at one of her daughter’s birthday parties by telling everyone he wasn’t going to pay for anything. Then afterwards he “spent the entire drive home terrorizing [her] daughter, yelling and calling her horrific names.”

Page Six reports that Danielle also alleges that he was a nightmare to her during a vacation she received to the Caribbean. “During a vacation to Anguilla, which was gifted to Defendant, Plaintiff repeatedly disparaged and harassed Defendant and her children. Plaintiff referred to Defendant and her children as ‘entitled c—s.’ Plaintiff purposefully embarrassed Defendant every day during the 10-day vacation. He would become incredibly intoxicated on a daily basis. On one occasion in Anguilla, Plaintiff became physically violent, pushing Defendant down, holding her arms down, purposefully physically restraining Defendant to the point where she became bruised.” Danielle’s rep tells HollywoodLife.com that “There is nothing to confirm or deny here; this is from a document filed by Danielle’s attorney in court.

Danielle and Marty married in a sunset ceremony on the Caribbean island of Bimini on Saturday, May 5. Her RHONJ co-stars Teresa GiudiceMelissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs, were there serving as bridesmaids and the entire event was filmed for season nine of the show. Just two months later there were rumblings that the marriage was in trouble and on July 29 her rep told HollywoodLife.com that “Danielle is having some difficulties with her marriage right now and is hoping everything will work out.”

After Page Six published the article Marty told the site:“What I would say is that it is so outrageous that I couldn’t even think of what demented mind would come up with these things that are so illogical.” He said that just three days before her filing Danielle was “begging to reconcile… if I was guilty of any of these things why would she want to reconcile?” He called her claims “over the top,” and that there were “never any bruises. It’s so hysterical. I never put a hand on her. [There were] no problems in Anguilla. I don’t understand what’s wrong with her.”

Marty told the site he was supportive of her as an abuse survivor and says that she could have used the horrific past to become a role model, “like Lady Gaga.” He added “She’s in a panic because I didn’t drop the divorce… She’s like a squirrel trapped and she’s destroying everything.” The case will continue in 2019 and for now  “I’m gonna take the high road. I am going to have to suffer for a few days….I’m just going to have to deal with that. I’m a big boy.” As for Danielle’s claims that he was verbally abusive towards her children, Marty told the site “I feel for her daughters. She brags about how she’s the best mother in the world. This is not cool. This is her way of lashing out, and trying to take me down with her.” 

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