Danielle Mullins Jbali, Former 90 Day Fiance Star, Begs Fans for Cash

Danielle Mullins Jbali may have been replaced by a slew of new 90 Day Fiance stars, but she still has her fans.

And she’s now turning to those fans for help with a crisis.

She is asking her fans and followers to help her out of a tight spot — to the tune of $5,000.

Danielle Mullins has taken to Facebook to issue a plea to her fans who have stuck with her since her time on 90 Day Fiance.

“I feel like no matter what I do,” Danielle shares. “I can never get ahead.”

A lot of people feel that way these days. It’s been a couple of generations since the minimum wage was, as originally intended, enough for people to survive.

“I am trying to go to school to better myself and get a better job,” Danielle writes.

“I have even had to get another job,” she shares. “Because the employer I work for now cut my hours to 20 hours…”

Danielle is currently at risk of losing her home.

“I bought this trailer,” she shares. “Hoping that it would be a home for me and my girls.”

Now, Danielle reveals, “I will probably have to leave my home.”

Heartbreaking — and not what you expect to hear from a reality star.

Danielle explains that this is “because I had some financial issues the last few months and got behind on my lot rent.”

The Ashley got a hold of a screencap from Danielle’s private Facebook page.

“The trailer park I rent my lot from won’t take partial payments,” she explains, adding that it “charges me to have our dogs.”

Charing someone extra for them to have dogs on a plot of ground sounds like an excuse to make money.

“And,” Danielle claims, the park “has harassed my guests all summer when they park on the road.”

We’re not sure where they’re supposed to park, but we’d suggest that they park there, instead.

“They took me to court,” she reveals. “And I managed to come up with lot rent and the past due amount, the court costs, and more.”

But her problems were not solved.

Danielle writes: “and likely they won’t accept it.”

“I work my tail off doing Cameos [which are made-to-order videos for fans, by the way],” Danielle mentions.

She continues: “what hours I work, promoting products and selling autographs to come up with money.”

“We will probably have to leave my home ’til I can come up with the money to move it,” she laments.

A residential trailer isn’t an RV that you can just drive to a new location.

Danielle implores her fans and followers: “please pray for me and my girls.”

If you’re thinking that Danielle must have been spending recklessly to fall behind that way … you are mistaken.

“I got behind on lot rent for my home that I own,” Danielle wrote elsewhere.

“I have had two replace one of my bathroom floors due to black mold,” she shared.

“I had two water line breaks, and then my hours got cut,” Danielle explained.

She continued: “The mobile home park took me to court and I came up with the money but it is the matter of them accepting it or not.”

Sometimes, a landlord would prefer that you just leave if they don’t believe that you’ll pay reliably.

“If they don’t accept it,” Danielle says. “I will have to leave the home I own and find a way to move my trailer out of the park.”

Danielle Mullins’ GoFundMe page tells her story:

“Danielle went back to school, took on a second job, and is trying to do the right thing,” the page says.

The page continues: “and rise above her past troubles and should be applauded for that.”

“I truly believe that the real friends she’s made along the way, myself included, would be willing to help a friend in need,” the page says.

“Let’s all get together to help her a little,” the blurb concludes. “So that she will be able get her head above water once again.”

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