Dan Walker ‘almost got arrested’ in a case of mistaken identity

Dan Walker reflects on his Strictly Come Dancing experience

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Dan Walker, 45, recalled the hilarious moment he was approached by police officers in his younger years as a university student after a night out. The former BBC Breakfast host joked he managed to “escape” after being questioned by the authorities.

The Channel 5 News presenter dished on the incident during a candid chat with Emily Dean, while the pair took a stroll through his local park in Sheffield.

Dan revealed it was the exact location he was stopped by the police when had quickly gone into the park to use the toilet.

“Don’t take this in a bad way… but this was the only place I was almost arrested in all of my life,” he chuckled.

“I was coming back from a student party at a house full of dentists. The person who owned the house had just had a supply of new toothbrushes.”

Dan explained he was offered some of the toothbrushes and he took a few, placing them inside his coat pocket, as he admittedly was a “poor student” at the time.

He continued: “I put them in my pocket and I was walking past the park, and there were loads of police cars outside.

“It’s because they were looking for somebody who had committed a robbery and was hiding in the park.”

The former BBC Breakfast presenter explained he had gone into the park and when he had come out there were “spotlights everywhere”.

“They asked me, ‘What are you doing?'” he recalled, “‘I’m an innocent civilian. Nothing to do with me.'”

While speaking on Emily’s podcast, Walking The Dog, he went on: “Then they saw this very large bulky lump in my chest and they said, ‘Right, what’s that?'”

Dan quickly explained he had just come back from a party as the police told him a robbery had just taken place at a pharmacy and the culprit was “hiding in the park”.

He finished: “Thankfully they believed me. They found the perpetrator on the far side of the park, so I escaped.”


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Following the pair’s candid chat, the broadcaster took to Twitter and thanked the podcast host.

He tweeted: “Thanks for having me and Winnie Emily. We loved it,” as the two walked their own pet dogs during the podcast.

Dan, who released his second book Standing on the Shoulders, recently donated cash to a charity in his home city which supports struggling families.

The Channel 5 newsreader presented the first £1,000 awarded by The Sheffield 1000 charity to Baby Basics, which helps struggling families afford essentials ranging from clothes to cots.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star helped launch the charity in June with the mission of getting 1,000 people to donate just £1 a week to go to deserving causes across the city.

Speaking to The Star last month, Dan said: “When we set up The Sheffield 1000 we just wanted to help people in our city.

“The response has been amazing and it’s wonderful to be able to start giving money out to brilliant charities like Baby Basics.

“I know that £1,000 will make a difference and it’s so encouraging to see the people of Sheffield supporting people like Cat and charities that are changing people’s lives.”


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