Country Music Hall Of Fame Opens Kacey Musgraves Exhibit

A Kacey Musgraves exhibit has opened at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville.

The exhibit, called “Kacey Musgraves: All of the Colors,” shows off collection of memorabilia from the country music star.

It includes the baby shoes she wore at her baptism, the demo tapes from the early stages of her career, the high school detention slips for “continuous classroom disruption,” and her senior yearbook.

Musgraves said her mom had securely kept the memorabilia boxes for years.

“She’s always been so adamant about keeping everything. She’s been like, ‘Don’t get rid of anything! Don’t sell anything! I want to keep it.’ I’ve always been like, ‘Where are you even going to put all of this?’ And it finally makes sense,” the 30-year-old singer said.

She added, “It’s getting to see the light of day, and I’m sure she’s glad to have a lot of this crap out of her house.”

The exhibit runs through June of next year.

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