Corey Fogelmanis Is Obsessed with Hulu’s ‘Into The Dark’ Anthology Series

Corey Fogelmanis wears a center part in his hair while making an appearance at Build Brunch on Wednesday (July 24) in New York City.

The 19-year-old actor went on the show to talk about his new episode of Hulu’s Into The Dark: “School Spirit”.

“I’m obsessed with it, it’s so cool. Before I was even a part of it, I had watched a couple of the other episodes on Hulu,” he said. “I think it’s so cool they take so many risks and it’s really out of the box. I was really excited. I feel like they’re telling cool stories.

Since Corey has done a few projects in the horror genre, Ma, Into The Dark, and Mostly Ghostly, he was asked if he was a big horror fan.

“You know what, that’s just what I keep getting cast as. I don’t know, I’m scary or something,” he dished. “It definitely hasn’t been a choice, it’s been like, ‘Oh this is what I’ve been able to get,’ but I’m not complaining. I think it’s really cool.”
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