Conan O’Brien Reveals His Late Night Set Was Robbed

Conan O’Brien and his staff on the set of Conan were victims of a robbery.

The show is temporarily set up at the Largo Theater in Los Angeles, and a burglar came and took things including laptops and the slate to indicate filming has started.

“We come to this theater because we thought theaters are in trouble, let’s revive a theater, let’s keep it going. Seemed like a nice thing to do,” Conan said. “What happens? We get here this morning and we find out that someone broke into our little theater and took some of our equipment, some of the equipment we use to make the show. We got robbed!”

Conan added, “Look at us! What happened to us? This kind of s**t isn’t happening to other big time late-night shows. No one breaks into The Tonight Show and steals all the equipment… This would never happen to Kimmel or Fallon or any of those guys.”

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