Claire Sweeney says ‘don’t rely on scales’ as she sheds ‘6lbs in 2 days’

Claire Sweeney has shared an important insight on why you shouldn’t rely on scales to measure your health or fitness after she “lost 6lbs in two days”.

The Brookside star, 51, has been on a health and fitness kick, telling her Instagram followers earlier this week: "Love being curvy, but wanna feel fitter, stronger and shifting a little bit of timber won’t go amiss lol."

However, she shared an important insight when weighing herself two days apart and finding that the scales were telling her she’d lost almost half a stone – a figure that is unlikely to be true in such a short space of time.

Claire shared an image from a fitness app which showed a variety of body statistics.

Numbers within the image said she weighed 12.06 stone on Monday, and 11.86 stone on Wednesday – meaning a loss of just over six lbs.

Captioning the image, she shared: “Ok so this is mental!!! 6lbs lost in just two days.

“Goes to show, don’t rely on the scales. It could be time of day you weigh yourself, how you position them, time of the month. Water retention [makes] all make the difference.

The star finished her message: “I’m gonna use my favourite Jeans as a gauge from now on. No wonder scales can wreck our heads. Favourite jeans and photo diary from now on!”

Fans were in agreement with Claire’s message, with one writing: “I hate scales, I can vary by 4lbs or more by moving my scales slightly with my foot.”

Another fan was in agreement, adding: “Loose the scales and go by your clothing. Threw mine out yes ago, I'll jump on at the Dr's just out of curiosity…works for me! Well done though.”

Meanwhile, a third person added: “I never weigh myself! Always gauge my weight by how tight my clothes are… weighing scales are bad!”

It comes after the star revealed that she’d only earned £5,000 last year and money she gained from selling a villa in Spain made up the shortfall.

The actress was hit hard financially due to the pandemic after her industry was “decimated”.

Speaking about her period of money woes, Claire told The Sunday Times: "Thankfully I'd sold a house in Spain, in 2019, so I was blessed that I could sit it out comfortably.

"It was a big house in Mallorca that I'd bought in 2004 for €690,000."

Claire gained fame and success in her acting career after starring inBrookside as Lindsey Corkhill, from 1991 until 2003.

Now a single mum to six year old son Jaxon, the 50 year old explained that the main reason she sold her Spanish villa back in 2019 was because it was on separate grounds and her son wanted to be near other children.

"I sold it for €950,000 (£801,00), but I had to pay Spanish taxes and English taxes,” Claire continued as she said she got back "more or less what I'd put into it".

Despite selling the property, the TV star still visits the place she used to call home, Mallorca, where she said renting is less stressful than it is in the UK.

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