Chuck Liddell Stoked To Ref Lamar Odom vs. Aaron Carter, Gonna Let 'Em Fight!

Chuck Liddell says there WILL be violence when he referees Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter‘s epic boxing match next month … telling TMZ Sports he’s gonna let the boys duke it out!!!

… that is, until someone gets an owie.

The UFC legend is slated to be in the ring for the huge June 11 bout … and he told us he’s excited as hell to get the best seat in the house for the main event.

“I always liked those kinda things,” The Iceman tells us. “We used to do it in the gym for charity. We do charity fights with just guys that didn’t like each other.

“Those were always fun, but I just don’t know how this is gonna work. I just wanna see how Odom is gonna fight Aaron.”

Liddell says he’s personally talked to the former pop star about the fight … and just like we’ve reported, he says Carter is taking the opportunity VERY seriously.

So, how long is he gonna let these 2 dudes go at it?? Liddell says he’s gonna give the people what they want — within reason.

“I mean, I’ll let them fight to some extent. Obviously, it’s a celebrity fight. It depends. I’m not gonna let him get too hurt.”

“I’ll protect either one from either of ’em no matter who’s getting hurt. We don’t want them to get hurt, but you gotta let them fight.”

“People are paying to watch you fight. You’re getting paid to fight. You wanna make some money, you gotta fight.”

Well said, Chuck. Well said.

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