Chris Hemsworth Told His Trainer He’d Fire Him if He Went on ‘The Bachelor’

Chris Hemsworth has been working with trainer Luke Zocchi for years and they’ve created a super close bond, so the Marvel actor had no problem telling him his true thoughts on a potential TV gig.

Luke revealed during an interview with Nova 96.9′s Fitzy & Wippa that he was approached to be on The Bachelor, but he turned down the opportunity.

During the interview, Luke said he jokingly brought up the offer to Chris, who had some strong thoughts about it.

“I actually said it as a joke and he said, ‘If you go on The Bachelor I will fire you!’” Luke said.

Luke says he actually has a girlfriend now for the first time in 13 years. He said, “I have finally gone and get myself a girlfriend. It took a pandemic! She’s a Swedish backpacker who was in Byron.”

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