Chris Evans and wife Natasha sickened by grim bedroom discovery

Former BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans has spoken of his horror at discovering maggots had made a home in his bed.

The Virgin Radio host and his wife Natasha Shishmanian, 38, were horrified to find the creepy crawlies had set up shop where they sleep.

He immediately called in pest control who told him they were bluebottle maggots.

Opening up about the gruesome ordeal on today’s show, he said the exterminator asked him, "Where’s the loft hatch, is it over your bed?"

“I think there’s something dead in your loft.”

Chris was quick to insist, "They didn’t come from me," before it was found that a mouse had indeed died and attracted flies.

Chris and Natasha live in the property with their five month old twins, daughter Boo and son Walt.

And he’s certainly got enough cash to keep the bugs away after being recently lured back to Virgin with a healthy pay rise.

"The BBC is a marvellous and wonderful place and I thank them for everything," he recently said on James Martin’s Saturday Morning.

"I have no complaints whatsoever. I had an amazing time there – to take over Terry’s [Wogan] show was such an honour and such a treat.

"I survived it and lived to tell the tale. I can see bright, bright sunshine, I can see blue, blue skies and I can’t wait to get to Virgin Radio."

It was Wogan, who died in 2016, who planted the seed that would lead to Chris quitting the BBC.

"He said there’s never a right time to go but there can be a wrong time to go. Don’t wait until you only have the option of the wrong time."

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