‘Chicago Fire’ EP Derek Haas: Stellaride Fans Will Be ‘Reeling’ By End Of Fall Finale

The ‘Chicago Fire’ fall finale is going to change everything. HollywoodLife got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from showrunner Derek Haas about the epic episode, including Stellaride trouble, that Casey and Naomi kiss, and more!

Chicago Fire fans, you’re going to need to buckle up. The season 7 fall finale is going to be nothing short of heart-stopping. Severide is still coping with his father’s sudden death, and showrunner Derek Haas revealed that Severide’s going to be making some not-so good decisions that will impact Stellaride. “Severide’s in this place, and this has happened to him in the past, where he doesn’t handle personal tragedy very well,” Derek told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “This happened after Shay died, and now with his father dying. I think he’s just got this personality type where he, as he says in the winter finale, he likes to wreck things and can’t help himself from doing it. When Tyler, which is the old high school friend of Stella’s, comes back in town during this episode, that does not go over too well.”

When asked whether or not Stellaride should be scared, Derek dropped this bomb: “I think the right adjective would be that they’re ‘reeling’ by the end of this episode.” Foster urged Severide to lean on Stella in his time of need at the end of the last episode, but it sounds like this fan favorite couple is going to hit a major roadblock. Derek also teased that Foster is “going to have a decision of her own in this finale. She’s not immune from the way we like to write these winter finales.”

The Dec. 5 episode will feature a massive car pileup that involves Cruz’s girlfriend, Chloe. “As my children said watching the episode, ‘Everyone’s going to be mad at me.’ It’s going to be very hard for him,” Derek revealed. “The wreck and the way we shot it and the scope of it is the biggest we’ve done for sure as far as accidents go. It’s really only one of three big action sequences we have going on in this finale.”

In the preview of the fall finale, Casey and Naomi kiss. This is the first semblance of Casey moving on after Dawson’s description. Could Casey and Naomi become a legitimate couple, or is she just a rebound? “I think that’s a good description — a rebound,” Derek said. “I think it’s kind of sweet what they have, but you shouldn’t get too invested in it. I think Casey is, as people who get rejected and are hurt tend to behave, they want to reaffirm that they’re attractive to other people. Not only that, but she’s really good at her job, and they get caught up in the emotion of investigating and bringing down what are some pretty bad apples, who are making these trailers that are hurting people. They’re swept up in the heat of the moment.”

The showrunner noted that the person watching Casey and Naomi at the end of episode 9 will come into play more.  “You’ll see more of that,” Derek revealed. “It definitely is tied into this trailer company. We’re going to find out that that trailer company is a family business, and these siblings are running things and are not good people.” And, yes, Casey and Naomi are in danger. Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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