Celebrity SAS star Shannon Courtenay admits never seeing the show before signing up

Champion Bantamweight boxer Shannon Courtenay has admitted the hadn’t watched a single episode of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins before signing up to appear on this year’s show.

The gruelling test of mental and physical fitness tasks celebrity recruits to take on the challenge of the Special Air Services recruitment test, with no mercy offered by the instructors in charge.

Facing a desert run, hand to hand combat, death defying leaps from a helicopter and braving CS gas in the first episode alone, it’s fair to say the show is not the faint hearted, but unlike her fellow contestants, Shannon hadn’t seen the programme before agreeing to take part.

In fact, it was only after her fellow cast mate, TOWIE star Pete Wicks showed her a video of what to expect, that the fighter began to discover what she had agreed to do.

“I went on to the show, having never seen it,” admitted Courtney ahead of the show’s debut on Sunday. “What an idiot. "

"The night before, Pete made me watch a clip on Youtube, and I was like ;what the f***k have I signed up for?'. And then every day I was like, 'what is this?'”

While the unknown could easily have been daunting, it was actually a big help, revealed the athlete, as she explained how some of her fellow competitors had actually been overthinking and dreading the process after knowing what lay ahead.

“In a way, it helped – because people that knew what was coming they’d be like next is CS gas, or next is the ravine and everybody was overthinking everything,” Shannon told OK! and other reporters.

“Whereas I was just there, happy to be cracking on as I didn’t know what was happening next.”

Despite not knowing quite what she’d signed up for, the experience was still an enjoyable one, with Shannon saying that the group of this year’s competitors had formed a tight knit group from day one.

“We were quite a tight knit group going into it anyway, as we’d quarantined together. So we all got on really, really well.”

Being such a closely knit group also helped to lessen the burden of living in such close quarters, with Shannon revealing that privacy was non existent within the camp.

“When you get in there, we’re kind of all just stuck in the same situation with no privacy. So every morning me and Ferne (Mccann), we went to the toilet together, we held hands on the toilet together,” recalled the boxer with a laugh.

“Towards the end I was showering with Calum (Best), because there was hardly any water, and by that point you’ve seen everything you could possibly see. So towards the end there was no privacy, no dignity! That absolutely went out the window.”

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins returns to Channel 4 on Sunday 4 September at 9pm.


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