Celebrations Erupt Coast-to-Coast After Biden Declared Winner

A massive crowd gathered at The White House Saturday … celebrating Donald Trump‘s impending change of address.

Thousands of people showed up at the fortified gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, cheering the news Joe Biden has been declared President.

The gathering is all the more meaningful given what happened last Summer, when protesters were gassed and beaten so Trump could have a photo op at a nearby church.

A massive crowd also assembled in New York City’s Union Square, where folks celebrated with horn-honking, banging pots and bans, lots of cheering and people literally jumping up and down in the streets.  Spike Lee broke out the champagne in a spirited celebration.

It’s early on the West Coast, but you can rest assured … people will be coming out in droves to celebrate.

We’re going to update the celebrations all day, so come back soon!!!

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