Caylee Hammack Drops ‘Just Friends’ Video Featuring Everclear Frontman

Country singer Caylee Hammack has dropped the official music video for the song “Just Friends.”

Directed by Justin Clough, the 3-minute video features a cameo by Art Alexis, the frontman of alt-rock band Everclear.

“You should’ve never come over/You should’ve left early and kept your hands to yourself/You knew better, you should’ve never promised me bliss/If you couldn’t keep it, we should’ve stayed just friends/Just friends,” Hammack croons in the chorus of the song while getting drunk and destroying what appears to be a green room along with the rest of her bandmates.

The video also references Everclear’s video for their smash hit, “I Will Buy You A New Life”; “Considering ‘Just Friends’ partly came from a Everclear binge during a breakup, I dreamt that Art Alexakis could star as an Easter egg, mystery character in the music video,” Hammack shared.

“Then the idea popped in my head to just ask his number of a mutual friend and call him,” she added. “I’m glad I did. He is a wonderful creator and even better human.”

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