Carrie Underwood Has Perfect Response to This Producer’s Claim That Everyone Hates New NFL Song

Carrie Underwood had a very polite response to a Sports Illustrated producer who said she did not care for the singer’s new song that plays ahead of the NFL’s Sunday Night Football broadcast.

It all started when the producer tweeted, “I love that NBC has been reading everyone’s Collinsworth slide tweets because it means they’ve also been reading all the tweets about how much we hate the new Carrie Underwood song.” If you don’t know, Cris Collinsworth is one of the announcers for the broadcast and every week, he “slides” in on camera. NBC took notice and began tweeting about the slide-in moments.

Carrie ended up reading this producer’s tweet and responded directly, writing, “Hey, I know my music isn’t for everyone, but I love what I do and I love being a part of @SNFonNBC ! ❤️ I am one lucky lady! I also love women who build other women up…just saying…”

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