Cardi B Really Misses Offset's Penis

Cardi B knows EXACTLY what she misses the most about Offset … and it’s not his personality, it’s his little buddy!!! 

Cardi went on Instagram Live and delivered this hilarious clip, sipping coffee and letting EVERYONE know just how much she wants Offset’s pecker in and around her mouth, vagina and pretty much any place else you can think of.

The “I Like It” rapper gets pretty graphic about her thirst for her husband’s manhood, but she keeps it at that and doesn’t say there’s anything else she wants from Offset, aside from some good D. 

As you know … CB and Offset are having all kinds of drama in their marriage, but it sounds like there’s at least a chance for some makeup — or breakup — sex.

Offset tried to get his wife back with $15,000 of roses, but it seems all she wants is sexual poses.  

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