Bristol Palin & Ex Dakota Meyer Reunite To Take Kids To See Santa & Daughter Atlee, 1, Has Epic Meltdown

Bristol Palin and ex Dakota Meyer happily reunited on Dec. 9 to take their kids to see Santa Claus and their one-year-old daughter Atlee didn’t appear to have much fun!

Bristol Palin, 28, and ex Dakota Meyer, 30, may have gone through a tough year within their former romance but they came together to get in the holiday spirit on Dec. 9 and take their kids to see Santa Claus! The parents both shared the memorable moment to Instagram, which included Bristol’s nine-year-old son Tripp, who she shares with ex Levi Johnston, 28, as well as her kids with Dakota, two-year-old Sailor and one-year-old Atlee. Although Tripp and Sailor seemed to be okay with the visit, Atlee was just not having it and was in nonstop tears during the entire photo shoot. Even Tripp tried to comfort her by holding her hand but she made her parents laugh when she was not at all impressed by the jolly Saint Nick! Dakota posed with the kids for the funny pic but Bristol opted to stay out.

After a painful divorce between Bristol and Dakota, which was showcased on Teen Mom OG a few months ago, it’s great to see them co-parenting and looking comfortable with it. It’s also great to see Dakota spending time with Tripp since he recently made headlines for not having contact with him since the split from Bristol. In an episode of the reality series, however, the U.S. Marine veteran and stepdad seemed to indicate that the only way he would have a lack of contact with Tripp was if Bristol kept him from him. “You know, I love Tripp to death,” he told his friend on the show. “Tripp was my first kid, but you know, it’s going to be on her. I have no rights to him. I only have rights to Atlee and Sailor.”

Apart from the children, Bristol and Dakota have seemed to have issues in their relationship and marriage throughout the time they were together. They were engaged but called off the wedding in May 2015 and they eventually got back together and got married just over a year later in June 2016. Dakota filed for divorce in Feb. of this year and went on to post some of Bristol’s alleged text messages that appeared to diss him on social media. “If you’re ever married to someone that texts this to another man that she’s never met. Divorce her,” he captioned the pics of the texts.

We’re happy to see that Bristol and Dakota were able to put any bad blood between them behind for the sake of their kids and the holiday season!

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