Bradley Cooper’s Ex-Wife Calls Out Critics Who Slammed Her For LOL-ing At His Chemistry With Lady GaGa!

Bradley Cooper’s ex does NOT want you reading into her one-word commentary about the actor’s palpable sexual chemistry with Lady GaGa!

Jennifer Esposito took to Instagram on Tuesday to address those who criticized her for reacting to her ex-husband’s steamy Oscars duet with his A Star Is Born costar, saying that all the “judgement calls” being made about her are “really psychotic.”

As we reported, the 45-year-old actress wrote a simple “Ha” on David Spade’s post where he jokingly asked if there was “any chance” that Coop and GaGa “aren’t f**king?” Well, apparently, Esposito got a lot of hate for LOL-ing at her ex’s expense, and she was not here for it.

The NCIS actress clapped back at her critics in an IG video, telling them she’s “allowed to think something is funny.” The author noted that she was particularly hurt by all the female followers who claimed she only made the comment to “feel relevant.”

She’s adamant that she simply thought Spade’s post was “funny” and was not at all meant in a negative way toward the actors.

So, there you have it… no shade from this corner. Watch her response video (below)!

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