Brad Pitt Really Wants His Name Taken Off That Lawsuit About His Poorly-Made New Orleans Houses

Last week, the people of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans really laid into Our Patron Saint of Being Uber Hot In The 90s, Brad Pitt, for the crappy houses his Make It Right Foundation made. Well, it’s a new week and so that means new legal proceedings, because even though Brad just came off a messy legal battle with his ex, Angelina Jolie which is kind of over, the people of New Orleans want him to once again feel the high-octane thrill of being raked through the coals of the legal system.

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Brad is trying to fight the class-action claims that he’s a negligent, fame-hungry bastard who only wanted to shake hands and grin at cameras and not really help the people he was grinning about. On Monday his legal team filed a motion asking he be removed as a defendant from the lawsuit. The lawyers argue a whole bunch of stuff specifically that the lawsuit:

“does not otherwise contain a single factual allegation that Mr. Pitt made any promise to any putative class member, that he entered any contract with any putative class member, or that he made any misrepresentation to any putative class member.”

Basically, he didn’t say he was going to build you perfectly-made eco-houses, he just said he would build you “houses”. If you got a house and it is leaking, giving you asthma from fungus in the ceiling, and is made out of straw, listen up buddy, that is still technically a “house”.

But the lawyers ain’t done. They also say that the lawsuit being brought by the poor water-logged people of New Orleans suggests “a myriad of purported wrongful conducted” but they also “do not supply any specific facts indicating that Mr. Pitt was personally involved in any of them.”

This is round two of Brad asking to be removed as a defendant, he also begged the judge to do that back in November. As for who is really to blame for these houses, Brad has already sued the architect he used to build them, throwing him right under the wheels of the bus.

Well Brad, sorry you have more legal drama after you literally just finished up the longest celebrity divorce we can rememberBut hey there’s a bright side! Every time you or your team goes to the courts you get a stamp and on your 20th visit the court fees are free! Almost there, Brad!


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