Bower: Prince Harry spoke at the United Nations because of Netflix!!

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The most confusing thing about this story is that Piers Morgan is back on the air at TalkTV, Rupert Murdoch’s sad, sweaty, right-wing chucklef–k network. Remember a few months ago when Morgan’s ratings were beyond dismissal and he mysteriously went “on holiday” for six weeks right around the Jubbly? Good times. Anyway, I thought he was being fired quietly by FlopTV, but no. He’s back on the air. One of his guests this week was Tom Bower, whose royal book seems completely sourced by anti-Sussex Deranger accounts. Bower and Morgan decided to get to the bottom of… Prince Harry’s Mandela Day speech at the UN? These two galaxy-brains figured out that Harry only made the speech for MONEY! Don’t you know that it’s the most profitable thing in the world to speak about Nelson Mandela’s legacy and progressive politics?

Prince Harry only gave a talk at the UN headquarters “to get money” and “for Netflix”, royal biographer Tom Bower told Piers Morgan on TalkTV. According to investigative journalist Bower – author of the new bombshell book In Revenge: Meghan, Harry And The War Between The Windsors – Harry agreed to talk “because he needs a profile”.

The author claimed everything he and Meghan do is “built around the future documentary series”.

On TalkTV tonight, Piers asked Bower: “Why does he do this, what does he think he achieve by it?”.

Bower responded: “He does it because he needs a profile, that’s the only way they can get money by showing the profile and for Netflix. Everything is built around the future documentary series to promote the Sussexes.”

Piers then pressed Bower on whether the UN should have “avoided using people like Harry”, who the presenter claimed is “rankly hypocritical for preaching about climate change but using private jets”.

Bower said: “Well it was pretty empty the auditorium wasn’t it. The UN is quite famous for being a centre of hot air. What was unbelievable was Mandela’s legacy was really betrayed by the South Africans and South Africa could have been a completely different country if Mandela had been able to live a few more years. I just thought he really skitted over all the problems of Africa and the self-inflicted problems when he just lives in luxury in Montecito.”

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Ah, yes, Netflix! “Because Netflix” is the bitter, explanatory war cry from Salt Islanders. Why do Meghan and Harry do anything? Because Netflix! Why did Meghan and Harry come to the Jubbly when the Queen invited them? Because Netflix! Why did Harry speak at the United Nations after being invited by the Mandela Foundation? Because Netflix! Why do Meghan and Harry exist? Because Netflix! These people belong in a padded cell, I swear to God.

Oh, and one of the funniest f–king things to me is when these salt merchants cry about how Harry and Meghan “need a profile.” Every time they appear anywhere, they make international headlines. Every time they say or do anything, it’s front page news. Tom Bower is literally promoting a book about them in this interview whilst simultaneously claiming that they don’t have a profile. CRY HARDER.

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