Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Reveals He Recorded Charity Song With Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi revealed that he recently recorded a charity song in collaboration with Pink Floyd‘s Nick Mason.

In a phone interview with Spain’s La Heavy magazine, Iommi said he is one of many celebrities who are contributing to a benefit album for a cancer charity.

“And I played on a track with Nick Mason a few weeks ago. We’re doing a charity record for cancer. I was asked if I’d play and come up with some riffs for it. There’s a lot of other celebrities doing something for this album, so I said, ‘Yeah, it’d be nice to do that.'”

He added, “I think there’s Nick Mason, myself, and I think Ronnie Wood is gonna play a bit on this track as well. I’m not sure. But, yeah, it was just interesting to do that.”

Replying to a question about the status of a rumored collaboration with Queen guitarist Brian May, Iommi said, “We’ve been talking for years about doing something together, and we haven’t gotten ’round to it yet.”

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