Blac Chyna Slams People Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated: ‘Super Inconsiderate’

Back in October, the video vixen and former fiance of Rob Kardashian was captured in camera going into a public rant while in a terminal of Miami International Airport.

AceShowbizBlac Chyna has been urging people to be aware of the importance of getting vaccination. The video vixen was seen in a clip, which was obtained by TMZ, speaking out about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how the vaccine mandate should be more aggressive, especially for air travelers.

“It took me, like, almost two hours in the line to even get to TSA,” Chyna told a paparazzo in the clip which was shared on Thursday, December 23. The reality TV star, who supports the implementation of a vaccine mandate for air travelers, added, “It’s too much. People need to go get vaccinated and just start thinking about everybody else.”

She passionately continued, “This s**t is annoying. It’s even harder for people to work. Like, come on. Get it together.”

When asked about what would she say to those in charge of putting together such mandates, the former “Rob & Chyna” star said, “I agree, I agree. People need to speak up. Time to get that mandate poppin’. And don’t shoot the messenger.”

She later blasted people who refused to get vaccinated, calling them “super inconsiderate.” She went on to note that her son King, whom she shares with ex Tyga, is required to take frequent COVID-19 testing at school.

Back in October, Chyna was captured in camera going into a public rant while in a terminal of Miami International Airport. The model was seen yelling at someone to get COVID-19 vaccine. After a lady holding a baby went up to her for a photo, the 33-year-old shouted, “go get f**king vaccinated… stop being stupid, h*e!” While some other airline travelers were stunned by Chyna’s outrage, no one seemed to react to the star.

The socialite has been vocal about her vaccination stance. After getting her shot earlier this year, she went on Instagram Live to encourage all of her followers to do the same thing.

That aside, Chyna was recently reported to be threatened by a woman with a lawsuit. A woman, who claimed her husband cheated with the TV personality, warned the star after the video vixen accused the woman of PR stunt following the affair accusations. “@blacchyna the next time you call me a liar again, I will be the one filing a lawsuit for defamation of character,” the woman tagged Chyna on her Instagram Story.

She also fired back, “Publicity? Girl why in the hell would it be good for me that my husband is sleeping with you.” She continued, “The next time you try and call me a liar again or assassinate my character again, I will be dropping all receipts all text messages between you and my husband and phone call and text between me and you.”

In another post, the woman added, “I happily said you can have MY husband after I seen the text messages between you and him talking about you love each other and him calling you his queen and you bragging about sucking his d**k.”

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