Billie Shepherd ‘scared’ about birth as she prepares to welcome third child

She’s got her own reality series, the Family Diaries, and makes parenting look easy, but pregnant Billie Shepherd confides she is "petrified" at the thought of giving birth again and has been bed-bound with sickness.

The 32-year-old recently revealed that she and husband Greg are expecting again later this year – a sibling for Nelly, eight, and Arthur, five, – but it hasn’t been third time’s a charm for the star.

“I’m not usually the type of person that gets poorly – I usually power through, but I was wiped out,” Billie says of the morning sickness.

“You just want everything to be okay, but being pregnant is a really scary time – every scan makes me nervous, but I think because I haven’t been pregnant for such a long time, that also makes a difference. I’m overthinking it all, but hopefully, it’ll be fine.”

Billie and Greg, 37, have decided not to find out the gender of their baby – though Nelly is hoping for a brother as she wants to call him Davide!

However, the couple, who have been married for three years, can’t help but speculate. Billie shares: “I really do believe it’s a girl, but Greg thinks it’s a boy! But neither of those guesses are based on anything, because you just don’t know. I really don’t mind either way. I have no preference.”

Here, Billie talks about baby names (it won’t be Davide!), summer plans and what she’s learned from motherhood so far…

Hi Billie! Congratulations on your third pregnancy. How are you feeling?

I’m five months [pregnant] and I’m feeling really good! I think, during the second trimester, you get this different energy. In the first trimester, I felt sick and tired. Don’t get me wrong, by 7.30pm, I’m ready for bed. Greg and I went to the ITV Summer Party the other day and didn’t get home until around 12.30 – that’s so late for me!

How is Greg doing? What was his reaction when you told him you were pregnant?

He’s really excited as well! We’re really lucky and grateful to have Nelly and Arthur, but we’d always spoken about having another. We always said, ‘If it happens, it happens’ – and then it happened. We can’t wait!

Is there anything you’re particularly excited or worried about?

I think that’s all centred on the way that I’m carrying. I’m carrying really low and I feel like there’s quite a lot of pressure down there already. Although I’m not really big yet, I feel like if I’m on my feet for a certain amount of time, I need to sit down. I Googled it and it seems to be to do with the baby lying on the veins that get the blood to your legs – it’s to do with the blood flow. So, that’s been a little bit uncomfortable at times. When I had Nelly, I was in my early 20s, but I’m in my 30s now, so that could make a difference! Life is really busy for me at the moment. I’ve got the pregnancy, Nelly and Arthur, filming, renovating the house – it’s all going really quickly.

How is it compared to your previous pregnancies?

In the beginning, I definitely felt more unwell this time around. I did get nausea with the other two, but I had to take a few days in bed ill with this pregnancy which was hard. That was hard, but now I feel good. My appetite is back. At the beginning, I didn’t fancy anything to eat apart from fruit and cereal – but I’m okay again now.

Are you nervous about the birth?

Definitely. I’m thinking about the birth more with this pregnancy than I did with Nelly and Arthur. You just want everything to be okay, but being pregnant is a really scary time – every scan makes me nervous. But I think because I haven’t been pregnant for such a long time, that also makes a difference. I’m overthinking it all, but hopefully, it’ll be fine.

We saw on your Instagram that Nelly wants you to call your baby Davide – from Love Island. What are your thoughts on that?

Ha! I do find that really funny. She sees clips of Love Island when it comes on during the adverts, and she just loves Davide {Sanclimenti] and Ekin-Su [Cülcüloğlu]! She’s like, ‘They’re such a good couple, Mummy!,’ and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe you’re eight and talking about Love Island!’. Davide is a lovely name, but it’s not for me.

Is Suzie looking forward to having another grandchild on the way?

Yes, she can’t wait! She’s gone from four grandchildren to six in the space of a year.

How’s Sam getting on?

She’s doing really well, and Edward is absolutely gorgeous! We’re meeting up next week, I think she’s planning on coming to stay with the kids for a big sleepover and a catch-up. They’ve adapted to being a family of five so well, so I need to get some tips off her.

How are Nelly and Arthur doing?

They’re great. They’re both on their school summer holidays now so they’re having a ball. Seven long weeks for me! We’re grateful that going away breaks that time up a little bit, but it’s just juggling work, filming and the house at the moment – we’ve got no time off!

Have they got anything planned?

We’re trying to figure everything out for the time being, but my mum has kindly taken them to Spain for a few days to visit my nan and grandad for a few days and it sounds like they’re having the best time. We miss them though – they’ve never been on holiday without us before, it’s weird being on the receiving end of that!

What things have you learned since becoming a mother yourself?

Hmm… patience! I suppose just how to care for other people that aren’t yourself. Your priorities completely change and everything becomes about loving your children and building that life for them. You want to see them happy and healthy all the time, and doing that just becomes second nature to you. I’ve also learned how to juggle loads of different things at once – I feel like every parent would relate to that?

What do you and Greg like getting up to when it’s just the two of you?

We like to go out for dinner, or to a show. Last week, we had a date day in London and stayed over there for the night. We like to have fun and make the most of every minute we get alone together.

What is your secret to a happy marriage?

I suppose it’s about creating a great balance. Greg and I love doing stuff together, but we also work together, so we make sure we schedule plans without each other. I’ve got my own friends and he’s got his. Relationships are about give and take – you know each other’s boundaries – so it’s important to form a balance. Communication is also key. You need to be able to talk to one another about absolutely anything and everything.

You’ve recently been on holiday to Abu Dhabi. How was it? Do you have any more holidays in the pipeline?

Abu Dhabi was amazing! The kids loved it, we did loads of different activities. Very hot but really good fun. We’ve got a trip to Greece coming up in August which we can’t wait for!

And you’ve been working on a campaign with Coco Pops, what has that been like?

We’ve always been massive fans of Coco Pops in our house – even when I was younger – and Nelly and Arthur now love them as well. So, we’ve been working with their new hazelnut flavour which is really lovely. The kids love when the milk goes really chocolatey!

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