Beyonce’s BeyHive Swarms Over Popular Blogger Who Called Blue Ivy ‘Ugly, Blogger Offers Public Apology

When it comes to Beyonce, the BeyHive takes the queen very seriously. So, you can probably imagine how Beyonce’s fans reacted when an Atlanta blogger made offensive comments about Blue Ivy. According to Rolling Out, popular blogger Funky Dineva is at the center of controversy following a string of negative comments he made about Beyonce’s eldest daughter Blue Ivy.

It has been reported that Funky Dineva made the comments when he appeared on TS Madison’s The Queen’s Court. When Jay-Z’s appearance became a topic of discussion, Funky Dineva and other guests reportedly took shots at the famed rapper/businessman’s appearance. However, Funky Dineva took things to a different level when he used the discussion as an opportunity to criticize Blue Ivy. The notable blogger reportedly called the child “ugly.”

It definitely didn’t take long for Beyonce’s BeyHive to fire back at Funky Dineva for his remarks. The blogger was met with a barrage of comments from fans who insisted Funky Dineva may have ended his career with the scathing comments about Blue Ivy. Many of Beyonce’s fans also opted to flip the script by criticizing him for his appearance. The popular male blogger, who is widely known for cross-dressing, found himself at the center of stark criticism with Beyonce’s fans ridiculing and condemning him about his appearance, his character, and his callous actions.

In wake of the heightened backlash, Funky Dineva has released a statement of apology admitting he’d taken things a bit too far. He also agreed with fans’ argument about children being “off limits” in heated debates between adults. Over the weekend, Dineva took to Instagram with a photo of himself and Blue Ivy. In the caption, he addressed the situation.

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“I’m upset with myself,” Funky Dineva said. “I’ve said some off the wall things before in the name of comedy, and I’ve stood by them all and defended them all, and told the general public, you know, ‘Forget you. You’re just gonna have to be mad.’ But this is one of those things that I’m not proud of. I can’t stand in this one.”

He added, “I recognize wholeheartedly that what I did was wrong…Find it in your hearts to forgive me. Hopefully, we can get past this.” He promises to make efforts in the future to be more mindful of his jokes and “be a better wordsmith when it comes to people’s children.”

While Funky Dineva is known for his hilarious segments, Beyonce’s BeyHive has made it clear even a comedian can go a bit too far.

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