Beyonce & Serena Williams send their support to the Duchess of Sussex

The Duchess of Sussex has enjoyed so much celebrity support from her American friends throughout this ordeal. During Meghan’s years in England, most of the support was behind-the-scenes, people quietly visiting her or calling her. But the Oprah interview and everything around it marked a new day in her support. The support has gone global, and I’ve seen comment after comment about how women of color, specifically Black women, see themselves in Meghan’s story. Her story is one of being oppressed, of getting blamed for everything under the sun, of double-standards, of being viewed as mean/angry/aggressive, of “making white people cry.” Beyonce knows how that sh-t feels.

On Tuesday night (March 9), Beyoncé took to her website to extend support to Markle, who opened up during the interview about just how challenging her time in the royal spotlight was.

“Thank you Meghan for your courage and leadership,” Beyoncé wrote next to a photo of the pair meeting for the first time — alongside their famous husbands — at the London premiere of The Lion King in the summer of 2019. “We are all strengthened and inspired by you.”

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It’s not breaking news that Beyonce loves Meghan – they met at the Lion King premiere, obviously, and Beyonce also let people know that Meghan is a queen to her at the 2019 Brit Awards. I hope the Beyhive is ready. Please blanket the royal reporters’ nasty asses with bee emojis.

Immediately following the Oprah interview, Meghan’s friend Serena Williams posted this statement, below. Serena has gotten a really good look at what these people did to her friend and Rena is NOT happy.

— Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) March 8, 2021

— BEYONCÉ LEGION (@BeyLegion) March 10, 2021

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