Best memes and Twitter reactions amid Coleen Rooney’s showdown with Becky Vardy

From Wagatha Christie to The Thin Roo Line, Coleen Rooney has been hailed Twitter's new hero for her savage takedown of Rebekah Vardy.

Becky's account, Coleen revealed, had been taking fake information from Col's private Instagram and selling it to a British newspaper.

But, in the greatest twist possible, Coleen had cunningly blocked all her other followers from viewing her Story in a bid to flush out the rat.

Becky, who is currently heavily pregnant with her fifth child, has hit back at Coleen's accusations and claimed she isn't the only one with access to her Instagram password.

The fallout has been spectacular, with both women's name trending on Twitter … along with some of the most genius reactions from shocked users.

Some straight up hero-worshipped Coleen for her daring plan…

Some just wanted the tea injected straight into their veins.

Others got political…

A handful did some historic call-backs…

And some just rinsed Coleen's blistering statement for all it was worth.

Oh, Twitter…

Never change.

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