Benzino Not Worried About His Felony Drug Charges

Rap veteran Benzino has played down reports of his legal troubles, insisting he is “not worried” about the 15-year sentence he faces for felony drug charges.

The hip-hop mogul and former reality TV star hit headlines on Wednesday, December 12 after a report on TMZ revealed he is currently fighting accusations relating to an arrest in January, 2017, when police executed a search warrant at his Atlanta, Georgia home and allegedly uncovered a stash of illegal substances.

He was slapped with felony counts for possession of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) oil gummies and MDMA (ecstasy) pills, and one charge for misdemeanor marijuana possession, and if convicted, he faces a lengthy spell behind bars.

Benzino took to Instagram hours after the news broke to insist the case isn’t cause for concern, suggesting his lawyers are working on a resolution.

“I’m not worried about that, don’t worry about that – that’s gon’ work out (sic),” he told fans in a video message.

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We hate our own more than any other culture, but I’ve been going through that since day 1 and I’m still progressing and relevant. Any success that I’ve acquired had to be done the hard way because of the evil that lies in the hearts of my own people. I’m not complaining though because they in all actuality they really don’t matter since I have my own platform, I’m just raising awareness to these bottom feeders who’s lives revolves around the pain and problems of their own people. None of them could ever walk a minute in my shoes, they are people who are castaways with low self esteem and no realness in their spirits. They are soulless individuals who do way more harm to our culture than help.

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His remarks came at the end of a rant about the kind of news that gets picked up on gossip blogs, insisting it’s only ever reports of bad behaviour that hit headlines.

The ex-“Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star moaned, “When you see TMZ post some s**t about a year-and-a half old case, they (bloggers) can’t wait to put that up… Can’t you see what this s**t is? They’re the number one problem in society, in our culture, because they hate us (black men), and they don’t wanna see us win. It’s sad.”

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