Barstool's Dave Portnoy Raises $2 Million for Struggling Small Businesses

Dave Portnoy‘s sick and tired of waiting for the government to step up and help small businesses struggling during the pandemic … so he’s injecting his own stimulus package.

The Barstool Sports founder was on “TMZ Live” Tuesday and revealed he kicked in $500k of his own money for the Barstool Fund he launched last week to support small businesses impacted by COVID shutdowns. And, with more than 31,000 people also contributing whatever amount they can … that’s created a fund of more than $2 million.

Dave’s been vocal against COVID restrictions in NYC forcing restaurants, bars and other small businesses to shut down. Don’t get it twisted … he says it’s not about politics and he understands the country is in a terrible situation with no perfect solution.

With that being said … Dave says the government’s not giving these businesses nearly enough for them to survive. For weeks now, the government’s been negotiating a new stimulus package that would include $285 billion for a renewed Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses. President Trump‘s on the verge of signing the package.

Dave’s tired of waiting around for Washington to act, hence his relief fund — which he knows won’t be able to save every deserving business, but as he says … something is better than nothing.

One of the restaurants being funded is New York’s Trattoria L’incontro … which made headlines after patrons braved freezing weather to dine outside. Dave recently held one of his fan-favorite pizza reviews there too.

Dave’s point is simple — livelihoods are being crushed and there’s no way the U.S. of A. should let these businesses — and the American dream — get killed by COVID. At least, not on his watch.

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